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2012 Dark Gothic Reserrected Magazine Cover

My short story

The Angel of Death is available for purchase in eBook and paperback format.

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2012 Pulp Empire Volume 4 Cover

My short story

Sex Sales is available for purchase in eBook and Paperback format.

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Ghost under Foot: the Spirit of Mary Bell is now available for the Amazon Kindle

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On March 15, 2012, I will be interviewed on "The Law of Distraction and Interruption," Internet radio show. The show will air in April and Mary on and

On March 18, 2012, I will be interviewed on ISIS Paranormal Radio. Show dates TBA.

The Pikes Peak Writers have announced that my Dark Fantasy novel, The Amazing Mr. Howard took 2nd place in their annual contest in the Fantasy/Science Fiction/Horror category.

“During a pop-culture upsurge we find today in the field of paranormal also seems everyone is writing books on this subject matter as well. Author Kenneth Harmon encompasses what a real and non-pretentious read should be by ways of recounting the moments and historical aspect of a haunting whether it be with people, places or things with Ghost Under Foot. If your in the market for a true, gripping realistic non WWE moment about the happenings of several haunted moments...then this is a read for you!” –

                Alexandra Holzer, author (Growing up Haunted: A Ghostly Memoir)

This book is based on a true event and covers much about the paranormal world. It tells how contact was made with the spirit of Mary Bell and how much was learnt. There is more to the supernatural than most of us understand; Kenneth W. Harmon explains more in this superb book!


The Biography Channel television series, My Ghost Story has selected Ghost under Foot: the Spirit of Mary Bell to be featured on their show this next season. Monika and I will be flying out to Los Angeles at the end of May to film at the studio, and a crew from the series will be coming to Fort Collins for additional filming.

On May 12, I will be interviewed on the radio program, The Paranormal View between 6:00 and 8:00 PM est. On Para X Radio and CBS Radio. For more information go to:

Written in conversational style, the author's obsession ignites the reader's page-turning determination to find out the mysteries of the ghost's identity. For techy readers, the equipment and methods he used to successfully carry out his ghost-busting procedures would catch their attention. Those interested in family dynamics could follow the progression of how his family and dog adapted to sharing their life and home with a real person in spirit form. "I love a mystery" fans, will find this to be an engaging true story without violence. I don't want to spoil the excitement by telling how the story ends. You will need to read the book yourself. I recommend it.

Glenda Hawley, PhD
Society of Spirituality and Paranormal Research

I was pleased to view your video on youtube after clicking the link on your website. Very interesting footage and commentary, thank you for sharing. I am sure by now you have received the usual flak and arguments regarding not be discouraged by the "haters"..It is the opinion of me and my group for which I am the founder that orbs most certainly can be manifestations from the spiritual realm..if you look at our website you will see that we include several pictures of orbs, and super charged orbs or "energy strings" as valid evidence. It is our opinion that the best investigative tool we possess is our bodies, when orb photos are taken and simultaneously you feel the energy change in the room we count those as valid - i.e. energy reacts to energy...good luck with your book, I plan on purchasing a copy for my collection.

Nona Kelly
Bluebonnet Paranormal Research

I watched the first ten minutes or so of your video and am completely bewildered by what you captured. I'm in the video production business [have been for 35 years] and have not ever been able to explain accurately orbs. I have been able to recreate them - they are sometimes caused by a light directly hitting the lens of the camera causing what we call in the business "sushi" but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

David Hinshaw
Assistant to Dr. Raymond A. Moody (author: Life after Life)

Thanks for the information re: Mary Bell Wilson - it's featured at
and for the background - visited your website and found it very interesting.

Ray Dickenson


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